**Farah into MGM**

**Into Sony with Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst & Farah — Ashton may be interested in starring… Into UA, Lion’s Gate Films, & Fox with Bad Hat Harry Productions & Farah Films… Into Paramount with Aversano/Farah… Farah Films direct into Walden… Holding Disney (hearing maybe Bruckheimer)…**

**Hearing Mandalay/Farah taking into Universal and Summit, Farah/Todd Phillips taking WB… & Bryan Singer may be taking UA or Fox… more to come**

**out wide… holding on going to buyers until end of day… talent circling….** 


Representation: Dan Farah (Farah Films & Management)

Written by: Arjen DeVries, Winston Pear & Christopher Walters

Big four quadrant summer event movie. Think MEN IN BLACK, GHOSTBUSTERS, JURASSIC PARK , and NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM all rolled into one. DIRK VANDERBILT AND THE MYTHIC GATEWAY is about the world’s most famous animal wrangler, the cocky showboat Dirk Vanderbilt, who is recruited by a top secret government organization, which is responsible for tracking down and capturing the most endangered of all species – the worlds mythical creatures – and keeping them safe in a secure Jurassic Park type hideaway beneath New York City. The organization offers Dirk his biggest and most challenging job ever – wrangling the world’s most dangerous mythical creature, which has just escaped the organization’s capture and in doing so killed their best wranglers. The fate of the world is put in Dirk’s hands, and his ego can’t say no to taking the job, but the catch is Dirk, who has always done his wrangles in a flashy public manner, can’t tell anyone about this wrangle if he pulls it off, and there are others out there who will stop at nothing to capture the creature before he does. What follows is a fun rollercoaster ride of an adventure with amazing locations, huge set pieces, action, comedy, and great characters, all of which would get any big star, filmmaker, or studio excited…

10 Comments to “EVENT SPEC. **UPDATED**”

  1. more more more Says:

    why not throw Titanic, The Dark Knight, ET and Star Wars into the logline too…might as well cover them all!

  2. Haydon Says:

    They missed out ‘Night at the Opera’.

  3. Clerks Says:

    I love this idea…

  4. Velveeta Says:

    At least it’s not “IN THE VEIN OF SUPERBAD”.

  5. Andrew Says:

    Aren’t there like 5 scripts in development like this?

  6. Don Mattingly Says:

    Here are the ones I can think of…maybe getting the titles wrong –

    Animal Control at Fox
    Cryptozoology at NL
    Cutlass Island at Regency
    Monster Zoo (Doug Tannepel) at Paramount
    and I think Disney has one too!

  7. III Says:

    PETA should come out with a competitor too.

    With the protag fueled by breast milk.

  8. TG2000 Says:

    There’s a ton of stuff like this out there – - but I remember saying the same thing about “Iron Jack” — but that script was HILARIOUS and caught the attention of Hollywood and was fast tracked. I am hearing the same about this script.  Does anybody have a copy? Insider?

  9. rubyredslippers Says:

    Any chance I could get a copy also? Sounds different enough to at least warrant a read. Obi-wan Insider, you’re my only hope!

  10. Static Says:

    Was this ever set up anywhere? Where’d they go wrong?