We are excited to announce the finalists, honorable mentions, and overall winner of this year's trackingb feature script contest!


A GIANT NAMED ANDRE -- by John Halligan.  Set in the run-up to his storied Wrestlemania III match with Hulk Hogan, this is the true tall tale of Andre Roussimoff, a poor French farm boy who ignored a fatal disease, drank the world under the table and struggled with unexpected fatherhood as the one and only Andre The Giant. (Contact: Adrian Garcia/Recon Literary - adgarco (at) me.com)

WILLFUL BLINDNESS -- by Barbara Nunberg.  An ambitious woman's meteoric rise from secretary to editor of Britain's largest tabloid newspaper catapults her to the top of the country's power elite. When she authorizes the phone hacking of a teenage murder victim, she becomes entangled in a web of intrigue that could destroy the life she's created. (Optioned by Anne Harrison Productions (The Danish Girl).  Contact Anne Harrison: ash1 (at) mindspring.com) 

TINY HAIRLESS PENIS -- by Greg Wayne.  Grant is 17, but still hasn't reached puberty. His dad won't let him take testosterone - but Grant needs to become a man before his crush sees his tiny hairless penis. (Just signed by Brian Spink/Realm Literary!  Contact: brian (at) realmlit.com)



CAREGIVERS - by Claire Friedman & Max Feldman.  A screwball buddy comedy where two ne'er-do-well caregivers take on fake identities and board a senior citizens' cruise so one can stalk a grandson who she's decided she loves.  (Contact: Adam Marshall/Management 360, & WME)

MALUM: THE OTHER SIDE OF EXORCISM - by Adrian Colussi.  A teenage girl with amnesia wakes up in the home of a deranged family who believe she's possessed by a demon. (Contact: acolussifer (at) hotmail.com)

EVE -- by Josh Renfree.  In the near future, A female Navy SEAL is the rookie on an operation that discovers an alien object which alters anyone who comes in contact with it. Cut off by a blizzard, she must rise to the occasion in order to complete the mission and save what's left of her team. (Contact: Jeff Portnoy/Bellevue Productions)

NINETY PROOF - by Nick Lentz.  A man with a violent past, but riotous morals, is brought out of jail to investigate the mysterious death of a wealthy preacher’s slain daughter. (Contact: [email protected])

FACE OF GLASS - by Michael Raymond.  A disgraced former detective who "never forgets a face" spends his days searching video surveillance footage for the man who once abducted his son, but is forced out of retirement to help track down a high-profile murder suspect who might be the same man. (Contact: [email protected])




WILLFUL BLINDNESS written by Barbara Nunberg.