GORBY AND RONNIE DO REYKJAVÍK by Patrick Connely - At the height of the Cold War, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and American President Ronald Reagan battle it out in Iceland to stop nuclear annihilation. (JUST SIGNED BY SIDNEY SHERMAN @ ROSA ENTERTAINMENT!)

FIASCO by Edward Klau & David Cypkin - In his first thirty seconds on the job at United Artists, Steven Bach green lights Heaven's Gate but a skyrocketing budget and an out of control production threatens to destroy the sixty year old studio and end the era of auteur filmmaking in Hollywood. (CONTACT: ALEX CREASIA @ PATHFINDER - ALEX (AT) PATHFINDERLA.COM)

BURROW by Ashley Burns & Noah Martin -- In the desolate, post-nuclear wasteland of America, a couple fights for humanity's survival as they hide out in a secret bunker. After years of isolation, they encounter a lost, sick, feral child and must decide whether to eject the child or risk clashing with the savage tribe to which he belongs. (CONTACT: NOAHMAR (AT) GMAIL. COM, AMBURNS007 (AT) GMAIL.COM)


SOFT TARGETS by Richmond Weems - An emotionally scarred army veteran, working to get his life back on track, accidentally kills a local mobster's son and has to save the man who befriended him when the mobster retaliates. (CONTACT: RICHMONDWEEMS (AT) GMAIL.COM)

THE ATLAS SIX by Aaron P. Brown - A tough, 60+ retired judge must take on all the notorious killers he put behind bars when they escape from prison and come after him. (CONTACT: AARONPBROWN (AT) HOTMAIL.COM)

FALSE FLAG by Chris Howlett - After he is betrayed and left for dead, a CIA black ops agent seeks revenge on his former partner and uncovers a conspiracy involving a Weapon of Mass Destruction that only he can stop. (CONTACT: HOWLETTCHRIS (AT) HOTMAIL.COM)

THE MAN AT ASHER by Kate Young - A rancher with a guilty conscience abandons his wife to avenge the violent attack of his dead friend's daughter. (JUST SIGNED BY BROOKLYN WEAVER @ ENERGY ENTERTAINMENT!)

KILLER QUEEN by Noah Thomas Grossman - A hard-R action comedy about a psychopathic hitwoman who struggles on a job after a brain injury leaves her with newfound emotions. (CONTACT: NOAHTHOMASGROSSMAN (AT) GMAIL.COM)