**We are now hearing that Shane Black may have only handed in a detailed treatment to Joel Silver and that they are taking two old scripts and mashing them together to make LETHAL WEAPON 5… Also hearing that Silver is after Columbus Short for a role**



Original screenwriter Shane Black quietly wrote the script on spec, without telling anyone… Then, he called Joel Silver and essentially told him he wanted the story to continue and that he had already written the script…  We hear this time homicidal Riggs (Mel Gibson) is about to retire, but pulls Murtaugh (Danny Glover) out of retirement to solve one final case, before they both officially head off into the sun…

Gibson and Glover are down to return (although no deals have been signed yet).  With the attractive package and a solid script, the picture will go… soon.


  1. Riggs Says:

    I’m gettin’ too old for this shit.

  2. Andrew Says:

    Anyone read? Will Black direct?

  3. Jack Traven Says:

    HOLLLEEE SHIT. Nice. If Black stays on as sole writer, this will be solid.

  4. Raider Says:

    Shane Black is awesome. LONG KISS GOOD NIGHT was one hell of a script. Too bad Renny Harlin didn’t quite get the material. But, this is awesome news.

  5. j Says:

    Shane Black should also direct. If not, forget it.

  6. Bodie Says:

    Great scoop Insider!

  7. velveeta Says:

    I heard this yesterday and I thought it was a hoax. My skepticism is going to kill me.

  8. the basterd Says:

    Who’s directing?

  9. Raider Says:

    “I heard this yesterday and I thought it was a hoax. My skepticism is going to kill me.”

    “Rumors are always true, you know that.” — THE PLAYER


  10. Jack Traven Says:

    Black should direct, definitely.

  11. Ugh Says:

    Two cops come out of retirement to solve one last case? Wow, what an original idea.

    Even with a solid script, still a questionable move for WB given that it’s been ten years since the last Lethal Weapon (eg – X-Files the Movie) and a budget that will be extremely bloated.

  12. get real Says:

    there’s no way in hell mel does this movie.

  13. Raider Says:

    Mel HAS to make the movie. If he doesn’t, then he has no intention of acting ever again in a film he’s not directing…

  14. Jack Traven Says:

    I want this to happen, but the rumor has already been downgraded from ‘Shane Black spec’ to ‘Shane Black outline mashed with a pair of busted cop scripts’ So – who knows. Tomorrow this could be ‘Lethal Weapon tv series to air on Sci Fi Channel’

  15. Velveeta Says:

    By Monday it’ll be “I saw Shane Black at IHOP and I said “HEY SHANE, you should write Lethal Weapon 5!” and he said “…yeah”.”

  16. The Insider Says:


  17. Fifth Column Says:

    Black was here last week (Borders in West Hollywood) and spoke to my writing group briefly about the script. Said it was written before “Kiss Kiss” and mainly referenced William Goldman’s script for the “Maverick” film as one of the touchstones, tone wise.

  18. The Movie God Says:

    If they can get the darkness of the original movie back in there, they may have something (Riggs lost his edge in the sequels). If they go for the Joe Pesci/Chris Rock shout-fest that the last movie was, it will be embarrassing for all concerned. I am cautiously optimistic about this one.

  19. The Movie God Says:

    Oh and Mel has to become a LETHAL WEAPON again, and not be the useless old guy he was in the last film.

  20. some guy Says:

    Can we have Danny Devito, John Leguizamo, and Chris Rock battle it out in this one to the death of who’s more irrelevant in today’s society?

    oh, and winner dies

  21. MrTorso Says:

    As long as there is no Chris Rock, Joe Pesci, Rene Russo et al… They kept introducing new characters and then kept putting them in the next film and so on. Joe Pesci was the worst.

  22. SAM Says:

    Please give Riggs some real edge. chris rock was terrible… the sequels kept getting more and more “fluffy”… THIS NEEDS TO STOP. Get back to the two guys who made this franchise what it is! Get back to the tone of the first.

  23. Chuck Says:

    Sounds like they should team up with Rocky

  24. pablo Says:

    i love this saga…

  25. Edogg Says:

    I thought Rene Russo was the best added character to the whole series. After watching the fourth film and the third back to back, I actually enjoyed the fourth film better. Pesci was annoying and it did detract attention from the films, but yeah these movies are a hell of a lot better acted, directed, written, and action oriented than Rush Hour or other buddy cop movies. Bring it on. No PG-13 rating.

  26. Gnashly Says:

    are they community patrol citizens now? I hate those guys

  27. Gnashly Says:

    community patrols I mean. hell they were too cheap to use their cellphone to report it ever, used it for personal calls, and just blocked the road sucidally with their car instead of filing complaints like they were supposed to.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t wait, the lethal weapon series has always been top notch and Shane Black will not let us down.

  29. Barry Says:

    Hopefully, this is true. I love the LW movies, and I would love to see a Lethal Weapon 5. A real final entry. Shane Black writing it is such a major plus.

    I don’t know about Black as a director, but there is only one director for LW 5 and his name is Richard Donner. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. You saw the picture collages at the end of part 4. This is a family. Donner is the dad. You can’t have a family reunion without Dad.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    I preferred the dark tone of the original LW. LW 4 was too much like a comedy, and Mel Gibson had really lost his edge. Just leave out all of the supporting characters, Joe Pesci was really annoying in LW 4. I see no reason to bring him back. The only one person that should direct this is Richard Donner.

  31. Mark Says:

    I’m so excited about Lethal Weapon 5 and I think this will be a great storyline for something entirely new. *It should be sensational!!!*
    Thanks SUPER DAVE!!!!!!!!

  32. Jason Says:

    As a screenwriter myself, I’ve yet to be disappointed by anything Shane Black has written. The last script I read of his entitled “The Nice Guys” will forever be the best unproduced script in Hollywood history…well, that and Joe Esterhas’ “Foreplay”. Find “The Nice Guys” and treasure it (also picture Ray Liotta and John Cusack as the leads) . As for LW5…the only way it could be good is if they don’t stray from the script like soooo many other films “written by Shane Black” do. Bring back Dick Donner. Let him do for LW5 what he couldn’t do for “Superman II.” It is time to erase the embarassment that was the last two Lethal Weapons…and NO CHRIS ROCK!! OR JOE PESCI!!!

  33. Honey Says:

    Looks like the big bucks won out over integrity if this is true.

  34. princejon Says:

    I think it’s great to see the magic comes back one last time for one final action thrill with Gibson & Glover, I hope they bring some people back like DARLENE LOVE, JOE PESCI, Richard Donnner did a terffic job direct all LW series, and my favorite movie of Donner is Superman. I expect a lot to see LW5.

  35. DEWEY HOS Says:



  36. Ron Says:

    I think a fifth and final LW would be great. The series were packed with plenty of action, no doubt but very few films really embodied the on screen chemistry of its characters as this one does. I hope its a go.

  37. Matt Says:

    Shane Black can’t direct it has to be Richard Donner. It wouldn’t be the same otherwise

  38. emily Says:

    mel has to be in the fifth one
    if not, it wouldn’t be worth seeing!!!

  39. princejon Says:

    I hope they will do LW 5, cause Mel & Danny are perfect team in LW series

  40. Maxmar Says:

    Add to my Bookmarks :)

  41. alex Says:

    save to my Bookmarks :)

  42. Mark Says:

    Let’s do it! You Wanna Jump, Let’s Jump!

  43. simon Says:

    oh yes pigs can fly blacks not directing so mels pulled out if black directs then it will be a dead cert you can only hope