We feel incredibly fortunate to have known Caren Bohrman.  She was a tireless champion of writers before they were champions… An agent as good with story and notes as with spec lists and sales.  She was strong, warm and smart… Someone who could hold your hand and pump you up or tell you to get over yourself, depending on what you needed to hear at the time.   She had a big heart, a loud laugh, a great business savvy, and a never say die attitude that impacted many in the business.

Caren has  been a supporter of our feature contest from day one.  She served on every judging panel we ever had, and signed numerous finalists, giving them much needed support and hope.  And like Andy said in Shawshank, “hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”  And fittingly, Caren will live on in the dreams of the many writers she helped along the way.

trackingb will always be grateful for Caren’s amazing spirit and support.  As a tribute to her, the overall winner of our feature contest chosen by our panel of judges will now be known as, “THE CAREN BOHRMAN OVERALL WINNER.”

R.I.P.  Caren… You will be missed.

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