trackingb.com is where the entertainment industry meets online… each and every day.

trackingb.com is the #1 interactive online Hollywood tracking board — a place where film and television executives share and discuss new literary properties hitting the market, writer & director assignments & attachments, the latest exec hires and fires, hot spec screenplay sales, new jobs, and other insider industry news.

trackingb.com is the industry’s online network.  The site draws the tastemakers and buzzmakers of the entertainment community: A-list screenwriters, directors, and producers, top agents, elite managers, and executives from the major studios and production companies.

Key information is exchanged.  Connections are made.  Projects are tracked as they heat up or cool down.  And big deals are made.  trackingb.com… get the inside track.

Information is currency in Hollywood, and everyone knows that having it first makes you richer… Which would make trackingb.com, a growing pay website that tracks inside maneuverings and the real-time sale and buzz of new pitches and screenplays, a kind of bank vault to which anyone can buy the combination.  (The Los Angeles Times)